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What is Tier One Elite Hockey?

By Boston Advantage, 11/13/17, 3:30PM EST


Tier 1 Elite Hockey League is the Nation’s premier amateur hockey league featuring 20 organizations stretching from coast to coast. With some of those organizations including the Ohio AAA Blue Jackets, San Jose Junior Sharks, Belle Tire Detroit, Dallas Stars Elite, Boston Advantage and many more. TIEHL offers significant visibility, top level talent, and elite coaching, all of which have the power to move young, talented players into organizations such as Major Junior, Tier 1 Junior Hockey, NCAA Hockey, NHL, and other professional leagues.

The TIEHL showcases and tournaments are heavily attended by scouts from USHL, NCAA, and OHL due to the convenience of having so many talented players with bright futures, all in the same place. Many are attended by scouts from colleges such as Harvard, Boston College, Brown University, and Dartmouth, to name a few. This is why a very high percent of those who play in TIEHL get the chance to move on to bigger, and better things, making TIEHL the most respected amateur hockey league in the country.

In the past, players from TIEHL who have moved on to play hockey in the NHL, have positively remarked on many aspects of the TIEHL that have helped to propel them to where they are now. They have complimented on the much higher game pace in the TIEHL, saying that it boosts one's ability to develop skills at a higher level, and pushes you to make smarter and quicker decisions. Also, they admire how the TIEHL gives them a glimpse of “real hockey”, because of all the opportunities with various Junior Hockey organizations, and being able to play against top players in the nation, which is something you can't always get from playing preparatory school hockey.

The TIEHL gives players opportunities and chances that you simply can't find anywhere else. Between developmental growth, scout visitings, professional coaching, and high paced games, players will have everything they need in order to launch themselves into achieving their dreams. And through this process, collaborating with teammates to push their own boundaries, and test their abilities.

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Written by: Makena Monahan (Boston Advantage Intern)